• Thursday, February 23, 2017
Waveney Eco is the new name for BBHS Eco. The name change reflects the changes to the structure of the group in May 2016 which make it not only an eco group within the Benjamin Britten School but an eco group for the whole Waveney area. The group remains predominantly student led and aims to create links between local schools and colleges in order to carry out projects and schemes in order to raise awareness of and contribute toward the eradication of environmental problems.

The BBHS Eco Group was a student led team of creative and dedicated individuals who share the common goal of promoting an ecologically sustainable society. With assistance from Mr Champion of BBHS, they were undertaking several interesting projects designed to raise awareness of ecological issues and to demonstrate applications of “Eco Technology,” such as solar panels.

The Eco Group began with a campaign to raise money to fit solar panels onto Benjamin Britten High School's roof through 10:10's Solar Schools project. Although the group raised over £2000, this proved insufficient to cover the costs of such a large scale refit. After a deal with the local council however, the school has obtained solar panels on the roof, which serve to signify their dedication towards everything eco.

Despite this small setback, the team remained active. They visited sites such as the Viridor Waste Recycling Plant and the Eco Tech Center in Swaffam, and have pursued projects such as large scale improvements to the school grounds, building a dedicated garden area to house their works, and hosting this website off of a solar powered Raspberry Pi. You can check up on the state of these projects and many more at this website.

The group also received multiple awards such as a Bernard Matthews Youth Award in the education category. With this came a prize of £1000 to further their projects and this money has yet to be spent due to setbacks on the progress of projects due to changes to the school's management structure which affected the group.

To view the most recent edition of our plan of action, click here. (Last updated 22/02/17)