Friday, 17 March 2017

As one of our projects for the eco group at the Benjamin Britten Music Academy we are clearing up the pond area which is situated out the front of the main building. At present, the current state of the pond area is horrendous and not eco-friendly nor even very nice to look at. We have also noticed a trio of ducks have made the pond their home, so we really want to get the pond cleared out before the spring equinox in order to allow for the ducks to make a nest for their eggs.

The pond prior to the cleanup project beginning
At present, the area covered in many different items of litter which could damage the natural environment surrounding the water or even harm the wildlife nearby.
In the project we are firstly going to rid the pond itself of all of litter (including a tricycle that's been fly-tipped) and following this cleanup we aim to create habitats using the logs of wood which have been collected and cut up from a tree that had fallen over the pond.

The logs which have been cut up, ready for use in creating habitats
Finally, we will then tidy up some of the smaller vegetation and trees that surround the pond, most of which have begun to overgrow round the pond causing the area to look untidy and poorly maintained - which it very much has been up until now.


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