Thursday, 23 February 2017

Following a very long transition from being BBHS Eco to becoming Waveney Eco, the team have finally come together to establish a basic game plan for 2017. In this document we have outlined our aims and objectives as a group as well as a few other details which we feel may be of interest to those who follow along with the group. This post will detail the plan of action as of today and a downloadable PDF version will be linked at the bottom of this post as well as on our about page.

Aims and Objectives

In the year of 2017, Waveney Eco aims to consolidate all project plans that have been discussed previously and set these as sub-projects to accompany the group’s main purpose: to serve as an educational outlet for all things eco. We aim to do this by utilising the website which has been established for a few years as well as hosting events in the local area which will be aimed at under 18s. Alongside with these activities which we aim to host during school holidays and weekends, we will also set out to promote ourselves and the environmental causes that we support through visits to local high schools as well as creating numerous media products with the same aim.
To summarise our aims and objectives,

We aim to:

Promote environmentally friendly behaviours and practices in the local area through the means of education and practical activities with the local youth.

Our objectives to achieve this aim are:

  • Visit local schools to promote our causes
  • Host activities in school holidays such as beach clean-ups, etc.
  • Utilise the website to showcase both our own work as well as the work of other local youths who will be able to contribute to Waveney Eco’s ‘Learning Resources’ section online.
  • Create various media products (Videos, infographics, etc.) in order to further promote our causes.

Structural Organisation

The group, having not yet fully become fully operational following the transition from ‘BBHS Eco’ to ‘Waveney Eco’ will remain structurally organised similarly to previously, as follows:

Shay Jordan

Ellen Goffin

Social Media
Eleanor Smith

Other Members
Jack Hill
Thomas Easton
Thomas Saunders

This structure is accurate as of 22/02/17 however is subject to change at any point in the future. It will be updated as and when any significant change takes place, otherwise will be updated bi-monthly to reflect any additions or subtractions of memberships.


Although the group’s projects can be done with very minimal monetary expenditure, some funding would come a significant help to the group’s projects to cover costs of:

  • Travel
  • Communications
  • Web Hosting/Domain
  • Equipment
  • Promotional Material

As of yet, no plans have been made for funding opportunities however this is something we are currently looking into and our lack of plans is set to change in the coming months and this document will be updated when necessary.

This information is all accurate as at 22/02/17 however is subject to change and could become inaccurate at any date later than this. To download a PDF version of this information, click here. The latest version of this PDF document will be available from our about page.