Monday, 15 February 2016

Ségolène Royal, French minister of ecology and energy, recently announced during a press conference that the French government is planning on paving 1000km of road with solar panels over the next 5 years.
French infrastructure company 'Colas' has developed a photovoltaic road surface which is made up of small panels which can be fitted on top of the current road surface. This is unlike other photovoltaic solutions which require the current road surface to be ripped up in order to make way for the new photovoltaic surface.
The first tests of the solar roadway will become in Spring of this year, according to Colas. The trial of the new solar roadways which are being called "Wattway" are to take place in a small town of 5000 inhabitants and will power the street lighting.
Once the project is complete, Colas believe that the new roadways will be capable of supplying electricity to 5 million people, around 8% of the French population.
As of now, the project does however only have limited information surrounding it and there is no indication of which roads will be covered with Wattway and how much the French government will be paying the the new roadways,

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