Thursday, 19 November 2015

Offshore Windfarm
Yesterday, following a recent deal with Associated British Powers, ScottishPower Renewables announced that the port of Lowestoft will be used as its management base for construction for the East Anglia One offshore windfarm from 2017 when building starts.
This deal will result in the creation of thousands of new jobs in the local area as well as around £25m investments in upgrading the port and surrounding harbour in order to make it more suitable for the 30-year lifetime of the project.
Jonathan Cole who is managing director of offshore windfarms for ScottishPower Renewables has said that the East Angla One windfarm is just one of a series of projects building up to the eventual goal of having the world's largest offshore windfarm off of the UK's east coast.
“These projects are so big, the benefit will be spread around,” he said. “Today we are announcing something positive for Lowestoft but the plan is for other areas of East Anglia to also benefit.”
As well as being of huge benefit to our local area, the town of Lowestoft, where thousands of jobs are being created, this is also of huge benefit to the country and world overall. With the huge investments in renewable energy we are one step closer to reducing our carbon emissions to a sustainable level.


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