Tuesday, 5 May 2015

With just under a week until the election, most are concerned with a change in deficit and Ed Balls as a possible chancellor, but politicians are missing one vital point- climate change. At the current point in time, most political parties have some form of environmental policy or organisation, for instance Labour has the SERA campaign, and the Liberal Democrats have bought forward the prospect of 200 million new green jobs. The Conservatives, well - their policy is not as green as their logo.
According to recent comprehensive studies, we are on the verge of a sixth mass extinction, with an expected one in six species set to be near exanimate by the turn of the century.
The threat is being accelerated by climate change, in particular habitat loss and greenhouse gases. A study conducted by Urban claimed that 'if greenhouse gases were capped and temperatures rose a couple of degrees less, then the extinction threat would be nearly halved.'
So what can be done? Saving the 3.5 billion year-old biodiversity that inhabits Earth is no easy task, and it could take many years. Larger animals are at higher risk- they populate less, and need larger grounds to live on.
Overall it seems that the sixth mass extinction is relatively low on politicians' list of changes to the country- but it shouldn't be. Follow this space for more.
(Below: A diagram of extinction risk in both land and in water, and the predicted causes of it.)


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