Thursday, 23 April 2015

A new renewable energy record has been set by the Central American country Costa Rica after an extended period of heavy rainfall. The weather conditions have facilitated extensive use of hydroelectric power plants which have provided energy for its population of 4.8 million for 75 days in a row. Currently 94% of Costa Rica’s energy is provided by renewable sources, with no fossil fuels having been burnt in the country since December 2014.
The Costa Rican Electricity Institute has also been pushing for the adaptation of other sources of renewable energy such as geothermal power, with several such plants in the currently in the planning stage. Each geothermal power station will provide 55 Megawatts of energy, able to meet the demands of 55,000 homes across Central America. Jake Richardson, an author and analyst at CleanTechnica, has called this “good news,” stating that Costa Rica should not become too dependent on hydroelectric power, the effectiveness of which fluctuates depending on the flow of water and weather conditions. The Costa Rican government has pledged $958 million to construct the geothermal power stations around the country.
The country aims to become entirely carbon neutral by 2021.


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