Friday, 6 March 2015

A few weeks ago, this website turned one year old and it got me thinking about what I originally had in mind as my ambition for what I wanted this site to be after a year. To my surprise, I haven't really managed to get a lot of the things done to the site that I would have liked to have had done in the past year. With that, I present to you my manifesto for for the next few months!

Learning Resources

One of the main things we set out to have on the site right from the start was a "learning resources" section which could be utilised by our school as well as other schools in geography lessons. Unfortunately, we faced a few problems at school with our site being inaccessible via the school's network and this obviously obstructed the project slightly and forced it lower down our to-to list. It's now at the top of our task list and we will complete the learning resources section of the site within the next few months.


Yes, the Raspberry Pi live garden cam. The one we told you was near completion a few months ago. We backtracked slightly. We had it working fine but then something went wrong along the way and we're now struggling to get it working. We have, however, got one of the Pis set up to take timelapses and we plan on taking advantage of this function when the newly constructed structures and chickens are being put into the garden. The timelapses produces will be shared on this site when they're complete but for now, enjoy this timelapse I made with the Pi when testing the function!
Once everything is in place in the garden, we will definitely crack on with the livestream project and get that up and running in the coming months. We might even get a chicken cam set up for you! 
As well as providing a source of entertainment for you, the audience of this site, this feature will also prove useful for ourselves to monitor the activities of the chickens and the garden when we aren't in school.

Energy Monitoring

This wasn't part of the original plan, however I do hope to get it up and running in the next few months though. This feature will allow you to monitor the energy output of the solar panel in the solar garden which we'll be using to power the Raspberry Pis streaming the garden as well as any other electronics in the garden. Hopefully, the result of this project will be something like this. I have contacted the creator of that site and am still awaiting a response but I'm hoping he will be able to assist us in recreating his project via the internet!


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