Tuesday, 3 March 2015

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The UK is set to pioneer an innovative new form of energy generation known as “lagoon power” in a billion-pound scheme recently unveiled in Wales. A series of 6 artificial lagoons constructed for £30 billion could provide up to 8% of the UK’s energy consumption. The constructions would capture and use sea tides to turn turbines, thus generating energy. One such lagoon with a cost estimated at £1 billion is currently in planning in Swansea.
The proposed plan would involve artificially constructed walls stretching miles out to sea lined with tidal generators that use the natural and reliable ebb and flow of the tide to generate energy. The design allows tides to pass through the turbines four times per day.
Locals have expressed concern that the wall would disrupt fish activity around it, but the project heads claim that it creates a natural reef that encourages biodiversity in the area.
Despite the high cost of the project, those behind it are confident that after the initial investment further constructions of these lagoons would become cheaper. Ed Davey, the UK’s energy secretary, has expressed an interest in backing the project.

For more information, visit the project's website.


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