Monday, 26 January 2015


Today has been a day of progress for the Eco Group. We had previously contacted someone to come in and help us with the construction of the various elements of our Solar Garden project and after a series of setbacks including delays, debates and discussions we finally received permission from the head teacher to take the day off of lessons to work with our guest to finally start making our ideas a reality.

Each group from the EcoTech project to the Chicken Group worked hard, producing a manifesto for their projects along with various documents and drawings. The groups made use of their mathematical and DT skills to design the equipment needed for their projects. Of particular note was our resident recycling expert Jack Hill who used his understanding of trigonometry to calculate the exact dimensions of the roof of the chicken coop. 

Today was likely our most productive day as a team, with each person pulling their weight and contributing something to the group. Be sure to visit the other posts on the site written by each group about their work today (to be uploaded in the coming days).


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