Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Borris%2520Johnson%2520with%2520electric%2520carsThe mayor of London has proposed an ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ) in the city which will restrict any traffic passing through to being zero or low emission vehicles. This proposal was put forward in aid of the polluted air in the city centre which is said to be partially responsible for around 4,000 deaths in 2008.
The mayor hopes to implement the ULEZ in 2020 and hopes that it will stimulate demand for low emission vehicles which will help contribute to lowering the country's CO2 emissions as a whole, benefiting both the environment and our health. The mayor is also hoping that the implementation of the ULEZ will encourage use of public transport systems such as busses which are being made greener through the use of hydrogen powered engines to reduce their emissions.
A public consultation has been taking place as of yesterday concerning the ULEZ and will continue through to January of next year. To stay updated on the ULEZ, visit the TfL website and also stay tuned to this website!


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