Thursday, 23 October 2014


In the recycling division we’ve had a rough start. We didn't really know where to begin and what to do. All we knew was that we had to improve aluminium recycling as well as recycling in general. Creative and innovative ideas can be hard to come by especially when trying to motivate teens to recycle and dispose of waste properly - lets face it: not the most fun or cool thing in the world.

Initially we thought of designing a bin that would automatically sort out metals from nonmetals. However upon going over the plans, we saw many flaws. Then we thought that instead of rushing everyone into a recycling mania (which they are all likely to reject) we’d introduce the idea of recycling gently and slowly to them. First off we’d buy some large recycling bins of the colours of each house and we would put appealing posters next to them explaining what waste is allowed to go in the bins. We then also thought that we could start updating the website's “waste” section and make some displays around the school to inform others how bad failing to recycle is and how much recycling can benefit us: For instance, if the whole world recycled their cans for a year the whole world would save enough power for six years.

One of our more fun ideas is a basketball bin. We’d have a basketball hoop and net for people to throw their cans into: if they get it in then they look cool in front of their friends, if not then they'd still be recycling as it would still fall into the bin. Another of our ideas includes the Duke of Edinburgh award. Recently some students in the DofE have approached the Eco Group and asked if there were any opportunities in volunteering for us and we thought that once a week they could give up their lunchtimes and litter pick or stand by the bins and possibly monitor what people put in there.

Overall, we've put a lot of thought into what do do regarding the school's abysmal recycling, particularly over the last few weeks. We aim to push forward with our ideas and hopefully leave a good mark on the school after we leave at the end of Year 11.


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