Saturday, 4 October 2014

In a world where action against environmental issues is urgently required, the younger generation bring with them the most potential in preventing environmental issues (i.e: global warming, climate change) from occurring or getting dangerously worse as they - we - are the generation who will be most effected by the issues at hand. We are the next generation of leaders, we are the next generation of decision makers , we are the next generation. We are the people who will be effected by environmental issues unless we make change and prevent them. We could be the generation to be looked back on as 'the generation that turned things around,' 'the generation that made change,' 'the generation that saved the world. Literally.'
How do we make this change when so many of us are uneducated in the field of these environmental issues? We take advantage of these awesome campaigns such as Learning Their Place, an Indiegogo project which aims to educate the younger generation of the problems we face regarding the environment today, and how these problems can be prevented by us to make a better future possible. It aims to teach the younger generation to appreciate and love nature to the extent that we come to realise that we need to preserve and look after the environment so our children can grow up in a better, greener world and come to appreciate, as we do today, the beauty that is nature.
As well as educating us on the subject of the environment, it also gives us a place in society where we can voice our opinions to how adults should be treating the world we are due to inherit and what we think adults should be doing to help prevent environmental issues from escalating to a degree that they can pose a threat toward us.
Please help this amazing project on Indiegogo (by clicking here) and be proud to say that you contributed toward helping the next generation Learn Their Place.

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  1. Shay,

    Thank you SO much for this unsolicited support for my radio doc project! I'm so glad the project speaks to you -- any chance you'd be up for being interviewed?

    I'm really grateful for the help, and apologize that it's taken me this long to thank you for it.

    My contact info is at if you'd like to discuss interview possibilities.