Monday, 6 October 2014

Each year, the UK alone sends 227,000 miles wrapping paper to landfill, and that’s just at Christmas. This is the equivalent of flying from London to Los Angeles forty-two times! There must be an alternative to paper? Surely? 
Here it is: Lush. The ‘Fresh, Hand-Made Cosmetics’ company. The people who make using seaweed shower jelly and sandalwood perfume look as cool as Disney’s Frozen (VERY cool), and now, the pioneers behind the reusable revolution – the creators of Greenspun.
Greenspun, in its simplest form, is the transformation of two 250ml plastic bottles into a large square of patterned, recycled fabric in a variety of different styles. To create Greenspun, the company have rescued over one million plastic bottles from landfill and turned them into ‘Knot-Wraps’, the final product of Greenspun.
To advocate Greenspun, famous designer, Vivienne Westwood has got on board creating the ‘Climate Revolution’ wrap. Could this be the future of wrapping?


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