Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Last Thursday, the Eco Group got together in the evening in order to show of some of our work to some of the visiting parents for the open evening. The student outcome was great with about 15 of us there all working different stations and all showing off some great projects to next year's potential year 7s and their parents! 
I, personally, was working the EcoTech station in which we were showing off the Raspberry Pi microcomputers and their functionalities that we will be taking advantage of in order to carry out a variety of projects such as an automatic irrigation system for the vertical garden, creation of a live video feed of the garden and also a solar powered (Raspberry Pi hosted) cloud server. The parents were also thrilled to hear that we are planning on visiting local primary schools to share our knowledge of using the Raspberry Pis and teach the younger generations how to use them so that they can help us out upon joining our school next year!
Overall, the evening was a success and we can't wait to participate in similar activities in the years to come!


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