Wednesday, 20 August 2014

With plans to begin construction late this year, the Pollution-Cleaning Towers in Wuhan, China, will become amongst the biggest and most environmentally friendly buildings in the world. The towers go beyond the typecast features of a skyscraper, to help the restoration of the surrounding area. 
When constructed, the towers will be based on an ‘island’ within a lake, and will help to extract pollution from the air and water around it. Of the two, the larger tower will act as a clarifier for the lake; the water is ‘cleaned’ in a series of filters, before being put back into the lake.
Moreover, both towers will include pollution-absorbing coatings, which help to purify the surrounding areas, as well as vertical gardens and a thermal chimney. 
To add to this, the towers are completely self-sustaining; wind turbines, solar panels and hydrogen ‘fuel cells’ (powered by waste) will all help to reach the huge energy demand the towers need, the excess energy produced being used by the surrounding buildings. The designers, Chetwood, claim that the buildings will ‘serve as a catalyst’ for more sustainable buildings. 
Pending approval, construction on the towers could begin soon, and be completed by 2017/18.


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