Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The following blog post was written in the form of an informative proposal to the head teacher, Mr Hine, for potential EcoTech Group projects. It has been uploaded here for your benefit to keep informed and up to date with what we will be doing in the future. 
Upon completion of the current project, the EcoTech Group would like to commence a variety of innovative new projects in order to apply and demonstrate the crosslinks between ICT and environmental technology. We would also like to use technology in order to help the school better understand the use of green technology and how the environment is currently in need of our help. The following document will summarize potential EcoTech projects and the materials/resources required in order to carry out the proposed projects.

Solar Garden

The Solar Garden project has been underway for a while now and, upon arrival of some materials which we have ordered, will conclude very soon. The Solar Garden project hopes to demonstrate the practicality of Solar Power and the Raspberry Pi microcomputer by running a small website and/or a cloud storage server. We also hope to use another solar powered Raspberry Pi, with a camera module installed, to send a live video feed of the chickens, which will soon inhabit the garden, to the BBHS Eco website.

Solar/Wind Phone Charging Station

A solar phone charging unit, located in the LRC, would serve practical use to a lot of students in the school due to the popularity of mobile devices in modern society! This could also serve great practical use to the new year 7s who would be able to use the unit to charge their iPads. The unit would be crafted from transparent plastic and would be in the style of a set of lockers. A locker would be rented from the librarians who would issue keys to the charging lockers with a £1 deposit and would be useable for one day. The result of this project would serve use to most students AND staff due to its practicality and indirect demand. Almost every student, at one point, requires a charging station for their mobile device; they just don’t know they can get one from the Eco Group. To carry out this project, we would need the following things:

  • The materials to craft the locker unit or, even better, a prebuilt locker unit which meets the required specifications. 
  • Another solar panel or a small wind turbine. 
  • Phone chargers (which can be second-hand or donated to us)

Solar Shelter

A solar shelter would serve similar practical use to the Solar/Wind Phone Charging Station. It would, ideally, be a modern bus shelter styled structure crafted from glass and would have solar panels on the roof to power some power outlets on the inside which could be used to charge mobile devices.


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