Thursday, 12 June 2014

Over the past weeks, a budding team of gardeners have set to work on one of the schools disowned gardens, with the aim to decrease our impact on both the community and the surroundings. So far, we have cleared plants and trees to create a flat surface, to make ready for the installation of both a vertical garden and a VERY small urban farm, however have had to halt the developments after uncovering a duck's nest which was in use at the time!
The Duck's Nest
For the vertical garden our plan is to use recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles, to create ‘pots’ for herbs, plants and vegetables. We are also looking into the use of an automatic irrigation system and water butts, to keep the plants watered when students are not present, during the summer break, etc.
Our ideological design can be seen in the image below, however, this is not our final design. If you have any other ideas or tips about the vertical garden or the ducks, pleased feel free to leave a comment below this post!
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