Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The EcoTech Project has been well underway for a long time now, over a year in fact, and it's time to start concluding it as we have nearly met our goal... Kind of.
Although our project aims have changed drastically we have finally decided that our current project, hosting a cloud storage server from a solar powered Raspberry Pi microcomputer, is coming to an end! When we first set out to create an EcoTech project, out aim was to monitor the school's energy usage using a Raspberry Pi  After analysing the project several times, we finally decided that out ambitions for the project outcome were too high and we were forced back to the drawing board! 
After weeks of brainstorming, we decided to set out at another project - hosting an Eco Group website from a solar powered Raspberry Pi. This project was seen through right to the concluding stage - we purchased a domain name, I coded the website (with help from a template), and the project was more or less complete... We even won a prize in a competition hosted by the Raspberry Pi Foundation!  However, problems hit when we realised how little power we'd be giving the site and how slow it would be if it was hosted from a Pi and problems also struck when we started communicating with the school's ICT department and realised how hard it would be to host the site ourselves! Back to the drawing board - again!
After a few days, our next project was in the works - hosting a cloud storage server from a solar powered Raspberry Pi with OwnCloud  This project will be concluding this week as we've finally got the cloud platform functioning inside of the school - now we just need to get it working externally and also we need to get the Pi hooked up to a Solar Panel and put on display in the Eco Garden next to the Learning Resource Centre. In order to display our Project, we have put together a display case from unused scrap wood and plastic in the technology room department of the school.
All together, our project has been, in my opinion, a great success and I am proud to say that I took part in making this project happen as the outcome is something we can all be happy about! I enjoyed working with my friends on this project and I look forward to working on more projects with them in the future!


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