Friday, 16 May 2014

As you know at BBHS Eco group we’ve been working on many different projects, such as the Raspberry Pi project, and the garden rejuvenation project. But what we haven’t looked into yet is recycling. At the Eco group we hope to start a project related to recycling; more specifically recycling drink cans. Although each type of recycling is important, we’ve decided to tackle cans specifically. We made this choice because our school does seem to have an outstanding problem with recycling. It also helps that we can sell the cans and help the Eco Group fund to future projects.
With this project scheduled to start soon, we aim to not only teach other students about recycling cans and the benefits of it, but to make the school cleaner by recycling. Hopefully we can get this project started and in the works before we go into Year 10. To get this project up and running we will be thinking over the next week how to make this a sustainable project that can continue after we leave, and before we think of that we need to think of an incentive to encourage people to recycle cans.


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