Thursday, 27 February 2014

New research published in the Nature journal suggests that the pine scented aerosols that rise above forests play a part in the reduction of climate change.
The vapours found above pine forests form clouds of aerosols that block sunlight and reflect the rays back into space. The smell of pine rises above the forest, reacting with oxygen and forming the clouds in the atmosphere. Forests are one of the largest sources of these clouds on the planet.
Using modern technology, researchers have discovered that a previously unknown organic particle present in the vapours plays a critical part in the process. These particles condense onto any particle they come into contact with, such as the oxygen that reacts with the vapour to form the clouds. This helps to bind the reagents together to form the aerosols. This “missing link” in the process will aid scientists in predicting how effective the vapours will be at reducing the effects of climate change.
The pine smell present in forests may be having a far larger impact than previously expected.


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