Thursday, 14 November 2013

A few weeks ago, following our trips to the recycling plant and EcoTech centre, we gave a presentation on what we have been up to and our future plans with the Eco group to our local MP, Mr Peter Aldous, as well as our school's guests from India - the head teachers of Him Academy Public School.

I was hoping the whole process would run smoothly, but our first problem was when we first arrived at our presentation room - there was no computer or projector. Once we finally got a computer and projector and set them up to work (with only 7 minutes until the presentation) we encountered another problem which was purely down to my wrong-doings! The night before, when I was making the PowerPoints, I had three which were all linked together; a main one with pictures from the trips and using the solar panel, a one with depressing info graphics on global warming and climate change, and one to accommodate the points talked about by my friends, Tom and Tom.

Upon setting up the computer I went to open the presentations when I found that I had forgot to bring in the main PowerPoint, with the pictures! Quickly we had to throw together a PowerPoint for that time slot in the presentation which would fit in okay.

Other than these few problems, the presentation went excellent! By the looks of things our guests were impressed and we had done well. After our presentation our guests from India did a presentation on composting which was very interesting and we will definitely be taking some of their ideas!

We would like to thank Mr Peter Aldous and the Head Teachers of Him Academy Public School for taking the time to come to our school and listening to what we had to say about everything we have done.


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