Thursday, 10 October 2013

Last week 10 students from our school's Eco group went on a day out to both the Viridor Recycling Centre in Thetford and the EcoTech Center in Swaffham.

We learned a lot about different ways of recycling and how it is all done which I found very interesting at the Recycling Plant and I enjoyed this part of the trip very much! Next, we went to the GreenBritain EcoTech Centre in Swaffham which is home to the largest, and one of the only, wind turbines with a safe viewing platform. Upon arrival of the EcoTech centre we had a look around all of the things going on, like their gardens and various other things. Next, we went up the turbine which consisted of 306 steps to the top. Once we arrived at the top we stayed up there for about 10 minutes and and the view was amazing! Although it wasn't the clearest day in the world and there was a lot of fog, we could still see out for about 5 miles! This trip was very beneficial and I really enjoyed it, thank you to Mr Champion, Mr Hine and everybody else evolved in the organising of the trip!

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